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Consider Becoming a prayer Partner

We understand that no endeavor can be fruitful without frevent prayer.  Please soberly consider committing to becoming a Prayer Partner as we continue to seek the Lord's will in all we do at Daystar.

What we need prayer for:

      - Wisdom for the administration

      - Competence and clarity for the faculty

      - That God will provide richly for all its needs, spiritual, physical, and financial.

      - That the Holy Spirit will prepair the hearts and minds of the students.

      - That God will send many students.

      - That the Daystar Bible Institute would bear much fruit, fruit that will last.

      - Guidance and blessing for all students, decisions, programs, courses, facilities, and events.

      - That the Daystar Bible Institute will give all honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for partnering with us!