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The Daystar Bible Institute

2-Year “Equipped for Life” Program

(course descriptions below)


The Story of the Bible: a Survey of Biblical History      12 weeks, Completed 2021                   

Key Christian Doctrines                                                     6 weeks, Completed 2021

The 4 Gospels and the Life of Jesus                                12 weeks,  Completed - 7/12/21                                                                                

Old Testament Prophets                                                  6 weeks,  Completed - 8/23/21                                

Acts: The Birth of the Church                                           6 weeks, Completed- 10/11/21

Letters from the Apostles                                                 6 weeks, Completed- 11/22/21



Key Christian Doctrines II                                                             6 weeks Completed 2022                      

Old Testament Poetry & Wisdom Literature                            12 weeks Completed 2022

Church History: How We Got Different Denominations & Intro to the Church Fathers       6/6/22 - 7/11/22   

Bible Study Tools                                                                           6 weeks 7/18/22 - 8/22/22

Romans                                                                                          12 weeks,  8/29/22 - 11/21/22


Year I


1. (12 weeks)  The story of the Bible : a Survey of Biblical History               

            Learn the “big picture” of Bible’s overarching story, and understand how all it parts fits into that whole.  The Bible story unfolds over the course of 12 main historical eras from the creation of the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1) to the recreation of “a new heaven and a new earth” (Rev. 21).  This course will teach basic flow of these historical eras and how bible story moves through them.


2. (6 weeks)    Key Christian Doctrines                                                                                 

            Christianity is about following and being devoted to a PERSON: Jesus Christ.  But following him involves knowing, understanding, and holding to certain truths about God, Jesus, the Bible, the world, and the church.  “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” John 8:31-32.  This course will teach the most important and foundational truth of Christianity, and it will answer some of life’s difficult questions.

3. (12 Weeks)  The 4 Gospels and the Life of Jesus                                                               

            Learn why there are four distinct accounts of Jesus’ life—instead of one all-inclusive account.  Learn how each gospel writer develops unique themes and emphases.


4. (6 weeks)    Old Testament Prophets                                                                                            

            The Old Testament prophets’ books make up over 20% of the Bible.  These books teach us much about the story of God’s interaction with humans, and yet they are (sadly) often ignored.  This course will you about the prophets’ major themes and messages.


5. (6 weeks)    Acts (The Birth of the Church)                      

            Learn about the formation and spread of the church immediately after the ascension of Jesus.  Learn about what opposition the churches faced, what internal issues they had to deal with, and how they spread the gospel.


6. (6 weeks)    Letters from the Apostles

            Learn about how Paul and the other apostles wrote letters to churches to correct false beliefs, resolve disputes, rebuke, encourage, and motivate these nascent churches.


Year II


1. (12 weeks)  Key Christian Doctrines II                                                                  

            This course will answer some of life’s difficult questions and will teach the most important and foundational truths of Christianity: Trinity, Ecclesiology, Theological Anthropology, God the Holy Spirit, Angelology, Worldview, and Eschatology.


2. (12 Weeks)  Old Testament Poetry & Wisdom Literature

            Learn some of the most powerful and useful parts of the Bible.  Learn the beauty, encouragement, and practical life wisdom of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job.


3. (6 weeks)    Church History: How We Got Different Denominations & Intro to the Church Fathers                   Learn how Christianity went from the churches of the New Testament to the churches of today.  Learn about writers from as early as Polycarp who was a disciple of the apostle John.  And learn how Christianity split into all these denominations.


4. (6 weeks)    Bible Study Tools                                                                                           

            Learn how to study the Bible for yourself and how to read it for all it’s worth.  Learn skills for interpreting difficult passages and learn how to tell poor interpretations from good ones.


5. (12 Weeks) Romans

            Learn overall flow and logical structure of the magnificent book.  Learn its deep and profound truths about man, God, and His amazing plan for all His creation.


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